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Closed beta of entity linking service

Recently I have deployed an entity linking service. It can be found at klon.wzks.uj.edu.pl/asterion. So far this is a closed beta – in future I am going to provide a commercial linking service. If you are interested in testing this service, don’t hesitate to contact me.

The means of operation of the service are simple – you provide a text on input, via HTTP POST and you will receive a JSON response with names of Wikipedia articles, together with text offsets and confidence values for the proposed links. As with any machine learning algorithm the output is not perfect, so don’t expect “true artificial intelligence” ;-) Still, the output might be pretty valuable, e.g. for indexing.

The API might be tested as follows (Warsaw is the capital of Poland):

curl -X POST -d 'text=Warszawa jest stolicą Polski.' http://klon.wzks.uj.edu.pl/asterion/annotator/annotate.json -u 'login:password' -basic
The output will look as follows:
    {"id":5664,"name":"Stolica Polski","confidence":0.21689995068611942,"start":14,"end":27}

So far only Polish is supported, but English will be provided soon.

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